PTFE Expanded Sheets/ Plate


Expanded PTFE Sheet is made from 100% virgin PTFE with biaxially oriented, and more strength than ptfr joint sealent. It is white color, peak temperature 310 °C, In possession of the characteristics of self-lubrication, low confficient of friction and chemical corrision resistance.


  • Length 1500mm x Width 1500mm x Thickness 0.5-6mm

Work Temp: -268°C ~ 260°C, Max 310°C
Tensile Strength: ≥15mpa(Vertical) multidirectional
Tensile Strength: ≥25mpa(horizontal) multidirectional
Compressive Strength: ≥140Mpa
Density: 0.8 g/cm3


  • Gasket making convenient.
  • Low requirement for the bolt pretightening force.
  • High temperature resistance, long service life.
  • Ideal for damaged flanges, irregular flanges, and glass-ceramic flanges.
  • No pollution for fluid.
  • Chemical corrosion resistance.

Technical Data:

Value Remark
Compress: % 59.55 Gasket Pressure Ratio: 35 MPA
Recovery: % 11.61
Compress: % 51.26 Gasket Pressure Ratio: 17.25 MPA
Recovery: % 14.35
Creep: % 68.32 100°C x 22hr
Leak: ml/sec 0.16 Gasket Pressure Ratio: 17.25MPA
Medium Inner Pressure: 4MPA

Also available in PTFE filled compounds with fillers: glass fiber, carbon, graphite, bronze, molybdenum disulfide.

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