PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads


Sanghvi Techno Products PTFE for bridge bearing pad is one of the prime products. Main purpose of PTFE Bridge bearing pad is to provide resting space in the surface between the bridge deck and bridge piers. PTFE slide bearing pad are optimal for commercial structures involving long spans sustained without columns or posts. Our PTFE bridge bearing pads have high load capacity with low co-efficient of friction.

PTFE Bridge bearing pad is able to sustain for a longer period of time due to its self-lubricating properties, excellent chemical resistance, electrical properties, and flexural properties. Elasticity of the PTFE Bridge bearing pad is high enough to suit the rotation of beam and also the shear deformation is efficient to cope with horizontal of the structure.

PTFE Slide bearing pads made from 100% virgin PTFE has the lowest friction point. The coefficient of friction of PTFE products is dependent on many factors: pressure, sliding velocity and temperature. PTFE mixed with glass fibre and bonding compounds for greater structural integrity and abrasive resistant product.


  • Less friction coefficient.
  • Resistant to Chemical and atmosphere.
  • Corrosion free and heat resistant.
  • Self-lubricating property.


  • PTFE Slide bearing pads are suitable for Large Span, multi-span beam and supported beam and other bridges.
  • Used in both steel and concrete constructions.

Also available in PTFE filled compounds with fillers: glass fiber, carbon, graphite, bronze, molybdenum disulfide.

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